February 19, 2018

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' | New Pictures and Plot Details!

10 August 2017, 02:32 | Erma Lawrence

The Last Jedi rules the galaxy as the cover of EW's Fall Movie Preview

Star Wars Battlefront 2: Eight things you need to know, from release date, singleplayer and multiplayer

Poor Rey! It sounds like much of The Last Jedi will have to unpack the baggage behind both of these characters as they get to know each other - from Luke's reasons for becoming so despondent with the galaxy at large to just what connections Rey will ultimately have with the one-time legendary hero of the Rebellion. Johnson says they've been living on the island for thousands of years and are responsible for its upkeep. In fact, creature designer Neal Scalan was asked to give the caretakers a look that "reflected sort of a nun-like, spartan sort of existence".

The Caretakers communicate with Luke through "a blubbery sort of Scottish fish talk", and apparently they're not fans of having Luke hang around their home. By contrast, Supreme Leader Snoke hasn't (yet) shown off any particular Force skills, despite hinting heavily that he must know something that he intends to teach to Kylo Ren.

As for the Praetorian Guards pictured above, Johnson explains that: "The Emperor's guards were very formal, and you always got the sense that they could fight, but they didn't".

The beard, the robes, the tragic backstory to your self-imposed exile - damn Luke, you only really knew Obi-Wan for like, a couple of days at most? The Praetorians, my brief to [costume designer] Michael Kaplan was that those guys have to be more like samurai. "They have to be built to move, and you have to believe that they could step forward and engage if they have to", Johnson said. As Luke continues to sort himself out, it seems as though he and Rey will help each other both to become who they're destined to be. But these are new characters, they're dealing with new things, and that ultimately is what defines the movie. Let's see what other Force powers are out there - we haven't really seen anything new in a movie since Jedi, and it would be fantastic to get a good look at someone using, say, Force Drain from various video games, as Snoke sucks the life out of his enemies in a bright, twisty column of energy.

Ever since the end of The Force Awakens, as Rey stood on Ach-To, arm outstretched to Luke Skywalker with lightsaber in hand, we've all been wondering just how their relationship will play out. "We'll learn exactly as much about Snoke as we need to".

The Last Jedi will be in theaters on December 15, at which point you'll finally get to see these insane porgs in action.

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