April 22, 2018

Shkreli ordered jailed for online bounty on Hillary Clinton's hair

15 September 2017, 12:30 | Darrell Baldwin

Martin Shkreli's $5M Bail Revoked After Facebook Post Asking For Clinton Hair

Financial Times: American businessman Martin Shakirli was jailed for “feeling” Hillary

Infamous "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli has landed in jail after a USA federal judge revoked his bail Wednesday.

On Wednesday, US District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto revoked his $US5 million bail and said he would spend the next four months awaiting his sentencing in a federal prison. "He should apologise to the government, the Secret Service and Hillary Clinton". Prosecutors requested his $5 million bail be revoked, and after a judge agreed, Shkreli returned to federal custody in Brooklyn. Just before his conviction, prosecutors wrote, Shkreli had made a sexual threat toward a female journalist on Twitter; since then, they wrote, "Shkreli has engaged in an escalating pattern of threats and harassment".

Shkreli apologized, saying he "used poor judgment" and asked the judge not to change his bail status. "Will pay $5,000 per hair obtained from Hillary Clinton", the Facebook post stated.

Shkreli had tried to express his contrition, sending a letter to the judge saying, "I used poor judgement but never meant to cause alarm or promote any act of violence whatsoever".

Defense attorney Ben Brafman said outside court he was disappointed in the judge's decision.

Brafman compared Shkreli to comedian Kathy Griffin, who held up a fake bloody head of President Donald Trump, and even to Trump himself, who suggested "Second Amendment people" might be able to act if Hillary Clinton were elected and got to appoint judges. "It never occurred to me that my awkward attempt at humor or satire would cause Mrs. Clinton or the Secret Service any distress".

Shkreli, 34, dubbed the "pharma bro" for exploits that include jacking up the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000 percent, was silent and stony-faced as US marshals led him out of a Brooklyn courtroom. His sentencing will take place on January 16. Instead, they said, he raised more money to pay off other investors or took money and stock from a pharmaceutical company, Retrophin, he was running. "Being inappropriate does not make you a danger to the community".

He later edited the post to say it was satire. Remarkably, his lawyer argued that Donald Trump has tweeted and said similarly very bad things, exclaiming that the President isn't in jail, so why should Shkreli be punished? The judge saw it as a threat to the former White House's secretary, and sentenced the hedge fund manager to 20 years in prison. Matsumoto responded. "He doesn't know who his followers are".

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