April 22, 2018

IOS 11's Control Center Doesn't Fully Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

22 September 2017, 12:22 | Rudolph Thomas

IOS 11's Control Center Doesn't Fully Disable Bluetooth and WiFi

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So here are some tips and tricks that everyone should know.

You can finally edit control center. But what is more interesting is that it can be customised fully. So, next time go to settings in place of using Control center options.

It's interesting to note that iOS 11 has a built-in screen recording feature.

Beyond that hiccup there are some changes that will have you doing things just a little different. On a super basic level, 64-bit apps are going to run much faster than a 32-bit version and take advantage of the current hardware in the iPhone.

The launch of iOS 11 was described as a move to bolster Apple devices' security, but one of its shiniest new features might be leaving many vulnerable to wireless attacks. The QR code is helpful in setting HomeKit devices, open websites, and setup routers.

Before you do anything on your iPhone or iPad, you should lock it down.

You're upgrading to iPhone 8 and iPhone X? iOS 11 will let you transfer your settings from the old model easily.

This isn't so hidden, as you'll see the new icon. Here you can do edit or doodle on the screen itself before sharing via email, message or any other app.

Additionally, numerous new iOS features are geared towards the iPad, and making it more of a laptop replacement. It basically turn off your phone without actually turning it off.

Thus, you can even flip this feature on before you look at a spicy snap to forever preserve someone's butt or cat or gravity bong suckage. The company also got caught using a tool called "God View" to track a Buzzfeed reporter without her permission. This issue was found by security researcher Andrea Barisani who also mentioned that it is good practice to turn off both the WiFi and Bluetooth if you are anxious about potential attacks and saving battery. Instead, those buttons simply disconnect your iPhone or iPad from connected devices. You'll want to plug your phone into power and Wi-Fi for the download, which depending upon your connection, could take anywhere from 30-60 minutes. ExtremeTech's official recommendation is "Turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off in the Settings menu to save battery life and not waste it on peripherals you probably don't own, use cases you don't care about, and features you will never use".

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