February 19, 2018

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 Results Winners

10 October 2017, 12:25 | Erma Lawrence

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Matches, Predictions & Interpretation

WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Shane McMahon Fights Kevin Owens on Oct. 8 Main Event

The Usos beat the New Day to regain the Smackdown titles in the first ever tag match inside the structure.

A few days ago, this match was announced for the Kickoff Show. This is yet another title that's been passed back and forth a little too much between these two, but at least they're having consistently great matches.

Likewise, it serves as part of a slow-burning push for physically-impressive rising star Shelton Benjamin and well-liked face Chad Gable - now seeking a new gimmick following the departure of his American Alpha tag partner Jason Jordan to the RAW brand as part of a kayfabe storyline positioning him as the long-lost illegitimate son of General Manager Kurt Angle.

[Tag Team Champs] The New Day vs. The Usos are now 5x tag team champions.

-The tag titles weren't the only titles to change hands.

As pre-show matches go, I really enjoyed this one.

While Orton taunts for the RKO, Rusev tries to get in the Accolade out of nowhere, but Orton counters it into a successful RKO to pick up another Pay-Per-View over Rusev. Baron Corbin would defeat both AJ Styles and Tye Dillinger. It is completely fair, considering Corbin never did anything to actually earn the title match. The former champ connected with a Phenomenal Forearm on Dillinger, but Corbin kicked him out of the ring and was able to score the pinfall.

NOLAN HOWELL: Corbin gets a cheap win to get the shine of a title and to send Styles back up the card. Natalya managed to retain the belt via disqualification.

MATTHEW BYER: Hmmm.why do I get the sense that this is where Carmella is going to cash in her Money in the Bank briefcase to become the new Smackdown Women's Champion? It's nearly as if WWE Creative took all of the pent up racism that they couldn't utilize throughout the PG era and are utilizing it through Jinder Mahal.

MATTHEW ASHER: I want Roode's entrance to be longer than this match.

A total of eight matches comprise the latest WWE "Hell in a Cell" match card for 2017.

Ziggler tried to roll up Roode while using the tights for leverage, but Roode countered and did the same thing. At the end of the match, Ziggler tried to roll up Roode while grabbing the tights.

Frustrated, Ziggler hit Roode with a Zig-Zag after the match and stormed out of the ring. The match was seen as one of the most brutal matches after Kevin Owens had head butted Vince McMahon in the previous episode of Smack Down live. Shane knocked Owens off the side of the cage and through a table. Owens set up a table outside the ring and wound up doing a cannon ball through it. Shane McMahon hit the famous garbage can Coast to Coast, then came the moment where he looked to the top the Cell and the crowd went nuts.

Kevin Owens was saved by best friend turned rival now turned reluctant friend Sami Zayn from being smashed by a Shane McMahon elbow from the top of the cell.

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