May 20, 2018

Nintendo Switch sales have already surpassed the Wii U with 14.86 million

01 February 2018, 12:18 | Rudolph Thomas

Nintendo Switch sales have already surpassed the Wii U with 14.86 million

Nintendo plans Switch subscription service, Mario Kart mobile game

Elsewhere, Ninty confirmed that Switch has now sold 14.86 million units worldwide, surpassing lifetime sales of the Wii U in the process (we already knew Switch had achieved this in Japan).

In under a year the Nintendo Switch has outsold the Wii U; that's 14 million units since March of 2017.

The Wii U first went on sale in November 2012 and was widely considered a flop during its four years as Nintendo's top home console.

In terms of software sales on Switch, 25.08 million games were sold in the last quarter, bringing total sales to 47.1 million (in this financial year) and 52.57 million to date. Other hits were "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe", which moved 7.33 million copies, and "Splatoon 2", with 4.91 million. The US remains Nintendo Switch's biggest market, where it sold 5.94 million units of the Switch console. "Super Mario Odyssey", the newest entry in the franchise starring the company's mascot, sold 9.07 million copies between its October release and the end of December.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is on 7.33 million sales, followed by Zelda: Breath of the Wild with 6.7million units and Splatoon 2 at almost 5 million. It would put it up there with the highest attach rate of all time. With an operating profit of 156.4 billion yen, net profit totaled 135.1 billion yen. It also makes last quarter Nintendo's most profitable in eight years. There more games were able to reach a million copies mark.

The Switch, released in March 2017, flew off shelves at home and overseas through the critical year-end shopping season.

Pokemon games are typically among the best-selling titles for Nintendo's consoles, but a Pokemon adventure for the Switch has yet to be released.

Thankfully, Nintendo seems to have a plan in place to keep a strong library of games coming for the console. The company, thanks to strong Switch sales, did the same previous year in October as well.

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