April 21, 2018

SpaceX's just-launched Tesla Roadster missed Mars

08 February 2018, 09:55 | Camille Rivera

SpaceX's just-launched Tesla Roadster missed Mars


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk left a hidden message on the Tesla Roadster that his SpaceX company launched into space onboard the world's most powerful rocket, Falcon Heavy, on Tuesday. Relighting the thrusters to push the vehicle towards Mars (albeit a little further than planned) happened after a planned six-hour wait. The winds at high altitude are about 20 per cent stronger than the Falcon Heavy's upper limits of capability, meaning that if it was launched anyway, it would probably be torn apart or tossed back to Earth like the swiftly-binned lid from a can of baked beans. Well, then again not everyone is Elon Musk to plan such an extensive flight.

After a big success for his SpaceX company, Musk's Tesla reported a heavy loss. This was the same launchpad that served as a base for the USA missions to Moon four decades ago. While they usually use boring old cement or similar, Musk decided a Tesla Roadster would be more fun.

After its launch the monstrous rocket cruised through space for around six hours - which was also live streamed to the glee of millions of onlookers. SpaceX which were live streaming with three cameras mounted on the vehicle.

The billionaire, who also owns Tesla, used his own auto as the test payload - with David Bowie's Space Oddity playing on lift off and a mannequin spaceman in the driver's seat. Ultimately, one of the goals of SpaceX is to colonize the planet of Mars.

Musk drummed up buzz for the event on Twitter. Tesla CEO writes, "Third burn successful".

Referring to the movement of the rocket, an update from Musk on Wednesday morning said that Falcon has moved away from the Van Allen Belts and that it has exceeded from Mars and headed towards the Asteroid Belt.

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk has launched its Falcon Heavy rocket, the most powerful rocket in the world.

However, instead of carrying a heavy payload Tuesday, it took off with a cherry red Tesla Roadster sports vehicle used by Musk, with a dummy spacesuit-clad passenger dubbed "Starman", in an apparent reference to singer David Bowie's hit number Space Oddity.

The successful lift-off was a key turning point for Musk's privately owned Space Exploration Technologies, which stands to gain a new edge over the handful of rivals vying for lucrative contracts with NASA, satellite companies and the United States military.

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