April 26, 2018

Apple's Core iOS Source Code Leaked on GitHub, Could Reinvigorate Jailbreaking

09 February 2018, 01:59 | Rudolph Thomas

iPhone iBoot Source Code Leaked Online Sparking Security Headache For Apple

“Biggest iPhone Code Leak?” — Source Code Of The Most Critical Part Of iOS Dumped On GitHub

Here's hoping Apple is right, because the code was up long enough for it to spread far beyond GitHub.

An anonymous user reportedly posted top secret iPhone source code on GitHub in what is being called the "Biggest Leak In History". The leak could pave way for jailbreakers and hackers to break more easily into iPhones, explore its vulnerabilities and compromise a device or possibly contribute to a jailbreak.

Apple has shot down the significance of an apparent source code leak for the iPhone's iBoot bootloader which loads the operating system.

iBoot is the first program that boots when an iPhone is turned on.

iBoot's role is to verify that the kernel is signed by Apple during bootup and it is very integral to the iOS security system.

While the leak will probably not have any widespread repercussions for the vast majority of Apple device users, it will be of interest to those who want to sift through firmware code looking for unexplored ways to fiddle with iPhones and iPads.

Even though one cannot compile the source code due to missing files, it can however be analyzed to find any vulnerabilities, say security researchers.

The code was put on Github anonymously, and it's not clear who smuggled it out of Apple headquarters. While the code was for iOS 9, parts of it could still be used in iOS 11. The latest iOS versions have better security tools that make it hard for even highly skilled researchers to look for bugs, since they need to jailbreak the smartphone first before inspecting the device.

He continued on to suggest that the code appeared to be real iPhone source code because it aligned with the code he had reverse engineered himself.

Apple has been pretty secretive with its codes and has avoided releasing it to the public, although it has made certain parts of iOS and MacOS open source in the past few years. So, Apple must own the copyright of the code in order to have it removed. Apple has yet to comment on the issue. It's likely we'll see some changes in the source code moving forward in order to address some of the damage that is now possible at the hands of enterprising hackers.

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