March 17, 2018

Far Cry 5 Will Have Microtransactions, But Like Assassin's Creed Origins

07 March 2018, 07:41 | Rudolph Thomas

Gaming New Far Cry 5 live-action trailer wants you to get baptised By Edward Swardt- 5 March 2018 0

Gaming New Far Cry 5 live-action trailer wants you to get baptised
By Edward Swardt- 5 March 2018 0

As for the rest of Far Cry 5's post-launch content, it includes the introduction of Far Cry Arcade and limited-run challenges in the form of Far Cry 5 Live Events.

"Far Cry 5" takes players to the Hope County in Montana, which has been taken over to a fanatical doomsday cult known as Eden's Gate and its cult leader Joseph Seed, along with his siblings, the Heralds. Far Cry seems to be flexible enough that it can adopt more or less any guise you can throw at it. The publisher is planning a bevy of post-launch content that'll take players on fantastic adventures. In what looks to be a more grounded story, Hours of Darkness has players fighting Vietcong, rescuing prisoners of war, and trying to evacuate the treacherous jungle. Finally, zombies invade in Dead Living Zombies.

Far Cry 5 with its Far Cry Arcade content will be available from March 27th. The shooter, which will be powered by live services in the form of co-op, multiplayer, and microtransactions, will also have a mode called Far Cry Arcade that essentially lets players make their own maps and share/play them with friends online.

"The critical thing for us is to make sure that the time players spend in Far Cry Arcade is equally as valued to them as the time that would be spent in the campaign".

The season pass and Gold Edition will also give players a copy of Far Cry 3 Classic Edition which is also set to see a standalone release in 2018. All the rewards that you would normally earn in the campaign - money, items, weapons, vehicles, and so on - all of these are equally available to you in Far Cry Arcade, and vice versa.

And a 30-minute short film called Far Cry 5: Inside Eden's Gate debuted on Amazon Prime, giving wider context to an earlier live-action trailer called The Baptism, and according to its own promo following a small team of video bloggers investigating the unsafe cult.

As the developer states in its announcement, Far Cry Arcade is the next iteration of the series' map editor, making it "bigger, more versatile, and more packed with content than it's been at any point in the series' past". Armed with the map editor, players can create their own playground of chaos for others to enjoy-all of which is instantly accessible any time during the main game. The Season Pass comes with the Deluxe Edition of the game, or you can buy it separately for $30.

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