March 17, 2018

Jennifer Garner Has Tripled Down On Her Oscar Meme

08 March 2018, 01:24 | Erma Lawrence

Jennifer Garner Looks Her Best Ever In Bright Blue Gown At 2018 Oscar Awards!

Lena Dunham Lands New HBO Show With Jennifer Garner Set to Star

Jennifer Garner inadvertently became a meme on Oscar night and now she's explaining her viral moment.

At the time, Garner was seen applauding with the rest of the audience, when she suddenly stopped and a shocked expression transitioned over her face.

But much to her fans' surprise, Garner took to her social media account to somehow acknowledge her circulating Oscars meme, and she joined a thousand who have told their story using the meme.

"Congrats to 'Shape of Water!' Maybe I should date a fish?" "Wait, where is my wallet?" she said.

Referencing her Capital One Venture TV adverts, Jennifer's second theory was: "Hey Jimmy Kimmel, what's in your wallet? Wait, did I sign a nudity waiver?" she continued.

Taking to the official Jennifer Garner Instagram account, she shared the clip and narrated the footage.

On the carpet for the Oscars, Garner gave an update on the project, saying she "just can't wait to be part of a group of people going to work to laugh all day". A tweet with a video of the moment quickly went viral, and in no time, Garner was a meme.

Every Oscars, some star earns the honor of becoming a viral sensation, either when the show's cameras cut to the crowd and catch weird celebrity reactions, or when the stars themselves fumble while in the spotlight.

Other users suggest that Garner may have been missing her soon-to-be ex-husband Ben Affleck, which may be unlikely since the two were recently spotted together in Los Angeles while taking their children out for a stroll.

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