May 20, 2018

Up to 8 officers injured in explosion at barricade scene

03 May 2018, 01:39 | Rufus Hill

Explosion rocks Connecticut neighborhood; multiple injuries, street closures – live updates

House Explodes In North Haven; Reports Of Injuries

Residents posted messages on the North Haven Police's Facebook page that the explosion shook their homes.

It is understood the individual took his wife and family hostage - police and SWAT teams had been negotiating with the man. Neighbors report a scene of chaos, with helicopters overhead and multiple fire departments responding to the blaze in an incident that is still unfolding.

State police said Wednesday night that none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

A News 8 crew reported that police officers used a loudspeaker to ask a man to come out of the house.

State Police are still searching for the suspect.

Neighbors said they saw fire and smoke after feeling the ground shake. "You could see the house was fully engulfed, you could hear the rounds popping off, I guess he had ammunition in there". All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. No fatalities were reported as a large fire broke out in one of the houses in Quinnipiac Avenue, which also forced a road closure. "The fire department is putting out the flames from up above on the ladder trucks".

Also, police say resident will not be able to access side streets in the area either.

There is no word on what caused the explosion. "Based on the way the explosions took place, from what police told me, there was a series of explosions, which may indicate some sort of rigged booby traps".

No further details were immediately available.

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