May 24, 2018

Google Assistant Now Has Six New Voices Available For Use

11 May 2018, 12:31 | Camille Rivera

Android P DP2 Brings Rotation Lock Button To Pixel Launcher – I/O 2018

Google Will Soon Require Mobile Manufacturers to Roll Out Regular Security Updates Report

And, evidently popping news "bubbles" created by tailoring results to what people want to hear, everyone will be shown the same content on topics, according to product and engineering lead Trystan Upstill.

Google Assistant has become smarter and also has manners now.

The cool thing about Duplex is that it enables the Assistant to relieve you of mundane tasks, like having to make a restaurant reservation or a hair salon appointment. It's just that impressive.

Pichai launched an overhaul Google News venue that put AI to work finding trusted sources for stories and balancing perspectives to provide fuller pictures of breaking developments.

While the regular news feature will be increasingly tailored, Full Coverage is created to be the same for everyone.

Google shut down its news service in Spain after a court ordered the company to pay news organisations to use snippets of their stories on Google News.

Google News - gets an AI-powered curation. This is part of Google's efforts to enhance user well being. A news app to combat fake news and human AI bias The new Google News replaces the Google Play Newsstand and Google News & Weather apps on mobile and desktop.

Indeed, that's the reason behind another announcement: a $300 million initiative to fight fake news and help sustain quality journalism, and even combat informational tampering in elections.

But it isn't just news in which Google is recognizing its responsibility.

Android P brings a ton of new features. You don't have to tell the app anything about what you like to read, what your politics are, or what sports team you follow; Google AI already knows, and this all works automatically. It's not that what happens on screens is inherently flippant - it can at times be vital or life-affirming - but it can be addictive and potentially destructive. Esperanza, however, wondered if the shop would be able to block the calls, and said it "begs the question about whether the conversation is recorded and if the recipient of these automated calls could be aware that they're being recorded". It was genuinely impressive tech, as the AI chat bot responded to a real human in ways that seemed nearly too fluid to be true - and indeed, Google later clarified that the Assistant only works for now in highly specialized encounters.

Professor Abbass added that if a human asked Duplex to make an inappropriate call, the feature should be programmed to say "no". Based on a Google blog post, we know Duplex isn't an A.I. chatterbox capable of open-ended conversations. It collates the people, places, things and action in a story and presents it all in real time.

At a time of heightened concerns about online privacy, there were also worries expressed about what kind of data digital assistants might collect and who gets access to it. The calls are reportedly not made via the owner's smartphone but via Google's back-end system. Going by the history of Android version names, don't be surprised if Google has something sweet to offer.

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