When I opened this blog, I quickly became addicted. It’s normal, what could be cooler than being able to share your passions and ideas with a lot of connected people everywhere. I was constantly refreshing my emails to see new comments and I was thinking about my blog 24 hours a day. And it was cool because it was forcing me to always go further, explore and get out of my house.

Unfortunately, it also had a big negative effect: I was always documenting my life and I was very anxious at the idea of missing a picture, a subject, a post for my blog. I became a real tyrant for my boyfriend at the time who had to take pictures of me everywhere I went. I couldn’t eat a dish without taking a picture of it from every angle (and he didn’t either). 

I see so many blogs today that I can guess what’s underneath: the couple who gets angry because a photo shoot takes too much time, the guy who’s tired of always having to be available to take his girlfriend’s picture on vacation… I know all that too well.

It’s almost alienating because sometimes you end up doing things just to feed your blog, or you don’t really live the moment because you’re too busy documenting everything.

I understood that 3 years ago when I went on a trip with the man who now shares my life. He didn’t let it happen at all and it was difficult. I didn’t realize how hard to handle I was with my photos and especially with my anguish of missing something and it took me a long time to understand it.

Today I manage to dissociate everything, especially when I travel. I devote a precise moment to what is going to concern my blog, and to live the present moment the rest of the time. The blog has become what it should always have been: a little piece of my life, not a documentary of my existence.